2023 Christmas
Blog Post.

It’s said that we never stop learning. Isn’t that a wonderful thing? Being curious, staying open-minded, and looking into things that even fleetingly capture our attention can lead to golden nuggets of knowledge. Here’s something I just found out about and wanted to share with you, in case it’s new to you as well:


if you don’t happen to understand Icelandic, that means “book flood”.

What is it? I’m glad you asked…

“Book flood” is celebrated in Iceland on Christmas Eve. It’s centered around giving and receiving new books and frequently includes additional treats like chocolates, hot cocoa, beer, and wine. Want to participate? Simply gift a book to someone you love on Christmas Eve.

This Icelandic tradition dates back to World War II, one of the few items that could be found easily in Iceland was paper. Because of the war, many other products and gifts were hard to come by. Icelanders made the best of the situation and gave each other books.

Of course, book publishers took note of the holiday effect on book sales. Jólabókaflóðið is the annual release of new book titles in Iceland, and has become come the a seasonal tradition for the publishing industry. An official Jolabokaflod catalog is sent to homes in Iceland in November, and lists popular books and new releases that can be ordered.

Not just in Iceland

Many people in the United States and other countries also give new or pre-read books (including those obtained on library visits) for the holidays. I did it for my children when they were younger and read more recreationally. I always give them new pajamas on Christmas Eve, and this year I’m thinking I’ll be including new books in those packages.

What about you? Do you include books in any of your traditions? Feel free to reach out to me at the denisedemarcoauthor@gmail.com and share any of your traditions, and favorite books for gifting.


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