Books can do so much.
Protect them.

Books are there for you.

The world is invariably a scary place, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong – it’s also wonderful. But with wars, terrorists, domestic terrorists, illness, financial difficulties, and personal rights too often under siege, it’s hard to deny our frightening it can all be.

It’s okay to give yourself a break from painful reality sometimes. Reading is a wonderful way to do just that. When you read, your mind can take a break and visit another place, even another time, or another world. Books let us forget (just for a while) our responsibilities, problems, worries, and other burdens. Just like your body needs to sleep, your mind also needs respite sometimes.

Once you finish a book and the story is over, those good feelings can carry over into your real-world day. Fiction can change our outlook. It can show us new approaches to things, new perspectives, and different ways to tackle problems. Books provide laughter to enjoy and puzzles to solve, romance to make you smile and foundations for introspection. Reading feeds the mind and gives it experiences and levels of understanding not otherwise available.

Be there for them.

There are those in society who want to control the choices you can make about the books you can choose to read – even books that have for many generations been considered classics. I’m not looking to get political here, but banning books is a subject of such importance that it can’t be lost in in the loud clamor of other headlines.

If some books or types of books are banned, because some people don’t like or “approve” of them, it’s not wise to sit idly by and stay quiet about it. Maybe the books deemed unacceptable don’t matter to you because they aren’t reading material you would choose. But you don’t know what will be designated as unacceptable next. Or why. Rewriting history doesn’t actually change history, but removing books from retailers, libraries, educational institutions... well, that changes knowledge of real history as well as how the future will unfold.

Enjoy reading. Do it for entertainment, solace, knowledge, and peace of mind. And don’t stay quiet when you hear about efforts to control your reading choices. Those choices are yours to make.


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