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Check Out My Story in this Anthology!

This collection features “silver soldiers”—those salt-and-pepper hotties with crow’s feet earned through rugged training and years of combat. Former soldiers finding their footing after their first careers, or current soldiers nearing the end of their military careers.   This great anthology contains 14 stories, including my own. Check it out!

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  • person holding tablet
    person holding tablet

    Books can do so much. Protect them.

    The world is invariably a scary place, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong – it’s also wonderful. But with wars, terrorists, domestic terrorists, illness, financial difficulties, and personal rights too often under siege, it’s hard to deny our...

  • person holding tablet
    person holding tablet

    Are you missing out? - Fact or Fiction

    I don’t mean newspapers, websites, newsletters, postal mail, email, textbooks, or anything related to your job. I’m also not talking about biographies, history books, self-improvement books, motivational books, and the like...

  • person holding tablet
    person holding tablet

    Digital vs. Print Magazines

    Yet, over the past decade our print magazine subscriptions have gone the way of our newspaper subscriptions … they vanished. Everything my household members subscribe to is digital. As a disabled person, it is much easier for me to manage a Kindle app on my tablet than to maneuver a physical magazine. My teenagers only read what is on their smart phones or laptops. I thought we were typical in that way, but I was apparently wrong..........

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